A note on design, dating, music and the interconnectedness of time.


One of the best life choices I’ve made has been venturing into motion design. It taught me how to measure time in frames; consequently, making me more mindful of its use.

I have tried to live in the…

Being from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria where erstwhile fishing and farming communities are battling daily with the after-effects of petroleum exploration and its antecedent oil spills, gas flaring and environmental pollution has shown me in practical terms how great wealth comes at great cost and what the…

In the thirty months preceding the Covid-19 lockdown, I spent most of my time in transit. My only source of entertainment being mostly the melody of the road, the sounds of cities left behind.

In that time, I had the privilege of conversing with people across various tribes and classes…

Eze Ossai

Multidisciplinary Designer | Writer | Art Enthusiast

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