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In the thirty months preceding the Covid-19 lockdown, I spent most of my time in transit. My only source of entertainment being mostly the melody of the road, the sounds of cities left behind.

In that time, I had the privilege of conversing with people across various tribes and classes of society; priests, politicians, call-girls and urchins. One thing stands out, Nigerians are daring and resilient. Undefeated by their circumstances and blooming with immense potential. The Nigerian spirit is one that never gets broken.

I tried to document my experiences, but the noise and discomfort of public transportation in Nigeria meant that writing wasn’t such an easy task to undertake. So, I tried taking pictures, to serve as a reminder for the days when I get immersed in the moment and my mind chooses to bring upon itself some form of selective amnesia.

I’ll be sharing a collection of poorly shot photos, most of them taken through dusty bus windows. Hopefully, someone would find meaning in my attempt to preserve memory and fight oblivion.

Eze Ossai_Travels Around Nigeria_Jalingo Road, Taraba State (2018)
Jalingo Road, Taraba State (2018)

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